The Wink

She’s across the room your eyes meet, a little wave, a nod of your head—all good choices, but no you choose an innocent wink. You’re young, newly married, and still believe that she will understand that the wink was innocent. You’ll learn.
“What the hell’s going on, I saw that” she said.
“Nothing just saying hi.”
“A wink is how you say hi?”
“My hands were full.”
Oops, now you compounded your mistake, honesty is the only policy, it may seem like an innocent lie, innocent like the wink but she’s not buying.
“No they weren’t,” she said.
Come clean, do it now.
“Your right, I was just embarrassed, you thought something was wrong with an innocent wink, and so I tried to make it seem not so bad.”
Remember, there are no innocent winks.

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