I Wanted The Cubs To Win

Oakland let me down, they choked, and the Red Sox continued to play baseball. When the National League series started I wanted the Cubs to win. I loved it when they beat Atlanta, America’s team my ass, they can take their tomahawks and stick em right up their asses. I wanted the Cubs to win, but only if San Francisco lost.

I watched much of the Marlins – San Francisco series and discovered something. The Marlins just wanted it more, and besides they have some exciting players. Pierre, Cabrera, I like them, they play baseball the way I like to see it played. They play for fun, and full bore. But, Chicago has been patient, hell it was 1945 when they were last in the World Series, the year I was born. That is a long time, and 1908 since they won one. I’m sure there are a few Cub’s Fans that feel some sense of continuity with the past, but for most they wear the traditions like ill fitting clothes. It’s cool to be a Cubs Fan.

I wanted Chicago to win, but every time I see Kerry Wood, I think asshole. I don’t really know much about Kerry Wood other than he knows how to pitch. He may be a really nice fellow, but he looks like an asshole, but I wanted the Cubs to win. Then there is Prior, a hell of a pitcher to be sure. He’s impressive, he’s disciplined, he’s effective, and why shouldn’t he be. He’s had the best training from the day he got out of his diapers and Dad handed him a baseball. Yet, having talent, and all the breaks is not enough in baseball. You have to do it on the field, just ask Michael Jordan. So Mark Prior is simply said, awesome, but maybe just a bit too neat for my taste.

But I wanted the Cubs to win, even though I don’t much like Sammy, who when they found the cork in his bat took it and stuck it up his ass. I live for this they say. in the cute little ad campaign, meant to get us all excited about baseball, but I don’t need it. I’ve loved the game from the first time I held a bat, and my Mom pitched pepper to me, and then at Grandma’s when I hit that mighty shot through her front window, and all she could say to my Grandfather was can you believe that, did you see that hit. I love the game, I grew up watching Mickey and the Duke, and Don Larsen’s perfect game and, and … But I wanted the Cubs to win, then Pierre would lead off and I found myself hoping he would get on base for the sheer excitement it generated. And when the 20 year old Cabrerra played he was the real deal.

I wanted the Cubs to win. When they fell behind in the final game, I was hoping they would pull it out. The little old lady on the front row with the knit cap with tears in her eyes broke my heart. I wanted the Cubs to win, but they didn’t. They played more to win than to have fun and somewhere along the way they lost what it is to play baseball. Their fans suffered the same fate. They got angry with a fellow fan, a lover of the game, a Cubs Fan, innocently going for a souvenir, and found a way to blame him for the teams failing. They, like the team lost what is good, what is fun, what is baseball. I wanted the Cubs to win, but I’ll be cheering for the Marlins. I believe they’ll go all the way.

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