The Wandering Eye

He had a piece of spinach stuck between his teeth, and saw me staring.

“It’s a wandering eye,” he said.


“A wandering eye, I saw you staring. My eye is always looking this way or that, it’s out of sync with the other eye. It’s always been that way,” he said.

“No, I was—”

“Yes it sometimes looks in a different direction, unnerving isn’t it?”

“No, I wasn’t looking at your eye,” I said.

“It’s okay,” he said, “everybody does. No need to feel embarrassed, I’m not. Yep pretty strange looking that. Some people think it’s Lazy Eye but that’s different. That’s Amblyopia, wandering eye is classified as Strabismus, mine is unilateral Strabismus.”

“Can I ask you a question about your wandering eye,” I said.

“Sure, no problem. Education is the key, right? Go for it.”

“Well, I was wondering if your wandering eye can see that bit of spinach stuck between your teeth?”

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