My friend Ted is a know-it-all. I was talking to him the other day, when quite unexpectedly he said, “do you know why your shoe laces come untied.”

I didn’t, but was much offended that he would question my skill at something I did at least once a day. “I’ve been tying my shoes for sixty plus years,” I shouted.”

“There are strong knots and weak knots,” he said.

I listened.

“Does your bow point up and down,” he said, expecting a reply.

I hadn’t noticed when I tied my laces whether the bow was up or down or side to side. I was satisfied, believing they’d not come undone.

I liked the bow I made until I listened to Ted that day. But I changed my way, guiding the lace below where once I’d gone above, something about a squirrel and a tree or was that some other knot that I’ve forgot.

I wish I’d never listened to him that day for now when I look down and find my shoes untied I wonder what else I thought I knew but didn’t.

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