The Hubcap

The way I remember it was Keith had to appear in court on a reckless driving charge. But it wasn’t reckless driving according to his mom, a hubcap had come off going around a corner and had made quite a racket. It was the hubcap not the speed that made it seem reckless

Later: days, months, or years, I don’t recall, we were coming back from Idaho Falls, the cousins, our transport a fast 58 Chevy. The law got on our tail around Shelly or Firth and Keith quickly pulled into town did a left and a right and another left down a side street. He pulled over turned off the lights and whispered “be quiet.” The officer having excellent hearing, what else, pulled in behind us a few moments later.

I wondered what Keith would tell his mom this time.

I wondered how she would describe his latest stunt to others.

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