I was walking down the street when a fellow some distance in front of me glanced back and looked at me, a sinister look, as if he thought I was following him. I decided right then that though I hadn’t been following him I would.

I’ve been watching spy movies on TV, Covert Affairs, Alias, shows like that and relished the chance to practice my tradecraft. I followed him for some time, and though I used my best technique, he looked nervous. I was sure he knew I was following him.

I live in Utah where everyone but me carries a gun which caused me to reconsider. I decided following him, tradecraft or not, was a bad idea. While thinking about my bad idea my attention waned, my craft suffered, and I lost him. I walked further up the street looking left and right, and then behind me. It was then I saw him following me.

I was frightened as you might imagine having a man with a gun following me. I ducked quickly into a coffee shop, I love a dark roast, and lost him. I had a cup to calm my nerves, I know, and considered my adventure. My tradecraft needed work. I’d pay more attention, I’d perfect my brush by, and learn some simple ciphers, and when I discarded an empty coffee cup I’d pretend it was a dead drop. I’d be ready next time a spying opportunity presented itself, but maybe not in Utah.

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