“Is that a Ruby-crowned Kinglet,” she said.

“Is it still there,” he said, not looking up.



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7 Responses to Birdwatching

  1. betyjo says:

    Re: Birdwatching

    Butch has been behaving badly. This Rooster attacked Husband last week. I’d not had any problem with him, until day before yesterday, when he jumped at me spurs extended as well. I was wearing that fluorescent green rain jacket with the hood up at the time. I pulled off the hood and finished the chicken house chores bareheaded then had a chat with him. We walked around the chicken house talking about it for quite a while. Butch swears it was a mistake. That he didn’t recognize me with the scary raincoat hoodie on. He states Under Oath that he honestly thought it was a “Stand Your Ground against an Alien from Outerspace.” issue, JUSTIFIED.

    I accepted this explanation. I’ve had no subsequent trouble with him. Whether this is because he is telling the truth with his ‘honest error’ defense, or because he understands my departing admonition, “this is STRIKE TWO.” we shall see….

  2. STRIKE TWO, will she stand her ground.

    • bettyjo says:

      oh yea. you betcha. We don’t tolerate rude behavior ’round here, especially from chickens.

    • bettyjo says:


      Butch sleeps with the fishes.

      I’m disappointed, for I’d hoped he would get over whatever. I mean, this guy was still letting me pick him up and carry him into the Roost house as recently as November.

      Butch was a “mystery chick”. One chick of unknown breed is always included with an order of 2 dozen day-old chicks (an annual occurrence). During the weeks in the brooder before their release into the flock and chicken house, I had developed quite a fondness for this chicken. It was among the feistiest of the chicks for sure, so I spent a lot of time picking it up, petting it.

      For the longest time, I thought it was just a larger breed than my normal laying hens, then thought it just quite an assertive little girl. I spent more time taming it. I’m embarrassed to admit that after all these years, tho doubts had appeared at 4 weeks, I did not truly understand until Butch Came Out and Crowed. Turns out he was an Americauna Rooster. A beautiful breed. Hens of that breed lay green eggs (like Aracanas).

      I’ve no idea why Butch would suddenly turn bad like this. odd it happened on the first day husband has tended the chickens for me in the morning in a long long time. Roosters can be roosters… maybe the initial assault provoked thense justified, and the ones thereafter simply gene driven custom is just the way of it.

      Tho now I think on it, I never much liked the Aracaunas we’ve had over the years. The turquoise egg shells are very cool, but over all, too many of this breed of hens didn’t play well with others.

      In any case, I don’t tolerate rude behavior from chickens. I saved the handsome cowl of feathers for those who tie fishing flies.

      On the ponds, 2 Wood Duck pairs have appeared, one pair of Canadian Geese have decided to stay when the rest of their flock left. Quail and Juncos flock just outside the front room window where I toss a cup of chicken scratch each morning. Started doing this when the ground was frozen and snowy. Felt sorry for them then. Now we’re just smitten watching their busy little mornings while we sup our coffee.

      • Mostly Anecdotal says:

        Butch sleeps with fishes, and now his feathers will be used to create flies that will snare those very same fishes, or perhaps a cousin or distant relative.

        Did Butch get a memorial service, who attended? Were tears shed? Was the program for the aforementioned service printed locally. Was a single font used? Which font, Baskerville perhaps?

        Will there now be more chicken scratch for the birds? The juncos, the quails, the geese? Is chicken scratch mostly corn or wheat or some other grain?
        Is it gluten free?

        A cup of coffee and a little birdwatching are a great way to start the day.

  3. bettyjo says:


    They arrived about a month ago. Like noisy neighbors next door. Clearly dedicated
    to each other (inseparable), but nagging and squabbling constantly.

    Then, three days ago, he appeared alone. Standing at the far edge of little pond. For hours,
    standing on 1 leg. As if a Masai Warrior, or perhaps a Hindu Mystic. No sign of his mate.

    Now iI think that what he’s really doing with his one leg stance is flashing his “handicap” sticker, to tempt potential predators away from the big pond where his spouse is now sitting a clutch of eggs. I can just see her head and neck extending up between the cattails and reeds,

    I think we might have Canadian Geese Goslings soon.

    • It’s definitely that time of year. We haven’t seen any goslings yet, but did see the fuzzy heads of some baby great horned owls. Your description of the geese is lovely you painted a vivid scene for us.

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