The Joshua Tree

There is a Joshua tree, and another, and another, and another, and there is one between the road going south and the road going north. It is alone, mostly alone, there are others on the strip of land between the roads, but they are few.

The road going north is ascending, soon it will reach too near the sky and the Joshua tree will no longer thrive. The road going south is descending, soon it will be too low and the sky too high, and again the Joshua tree will no longer thrive.

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2 Responses to The Joshua Tree

  1. betty jo says:

    Re: Joshua Trees and the Right Conditions

    Once upon a time we camped beneath a Baobob tree hard by the Naxi Pan. I saved a few seeds, thinking how fun to propagate this ‘upside down tree’ of Little Prince fame..

    On reflection, I’m not quite sure why it is that I saved those seeds for lo these many decades.

    – Saved despite the admonition from our guide that the hard seed casing require an Elephant’s digestive system to break down.

    I did understand that. I even recall being impressed by such an excellent coping mechanism for a tree of the Kalahari to insure it’s seedling offspring would land in a giant poo pile of moisture and nutrient.

    What was I thinking? That I would find some agreeable California zoo keeper who would allow me to feed their charge some unidentified seeds, then follow the beastie around raking through tons of elephant poo? Perhaps the plan was not fully thought through.

    I expect we’d best be appreciative of your Joshua trees instead, for I’m now pretty sure the Baobob game is not going to happen.

    • I can almost picture you following the beast, shovel in hand. It’s not a pretty picture. We have a few Joshua trees in Utah in the St George area we’d probably have more but I think they’re disturbed by the state motto “Life Elevated.”

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