The Old Man

There was a school, and there was a park, and in the park there was a bench.

On the bench was a man.  His face was wrinkled with sun, wind, and wisdom.

He sat in the same spot most days, it was like gravity had a special hold on him there.Every day the boys from the nearby high school passed by him on their way home.

“How’s it going old man,” one of the boys, Josh, said, as he walked past.
“Did you hear?” the old man said.    
The boys paused, “Hear what?”
“John Boehner cried again today.”  
Josh arrived home, his father was home, missing another day of work.
“How was school?”
Josh shrugged.
“Did you learn anything new?”
“Yeah, John Boehner cried again today.”
His father sat up, suddenly interested.”

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