A rare warbler sits on a branch noticed by no one. Nearby, wallowing in the dirt, is a bison.

The arriving birders, chatting, but not yet listening, may miss this particular warbler for he is far from home and unexpected. He’s singing: sweeter, sweeter, sweetest, but they don’t hear him.

They see a waterthrush near the pond. They are attentive now, watching carefully and listening, but the warbler is no longer singing.

John sees the bison, maybe more than a ton, and he sees the unknown warbler, certainly less than an ounce. It is still on the branch, but his view is obscured. He needs to get closer.

Others warn him of the danger, but he sees only the bird.

By the time John’s body is removed, it is dark. The bird too has departed continuing its migration. Both will be missed.

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2 Responses to Missed

  1. Jeanette Campbell says:

    Hi Norm – I’ve just reached your site through the TGB blog and have to tell you how much I enjoy your ‘anecdotes’ – well written and I love the concise way you capture a slice of life – I’ll visit you more often! Thank you Jeanette

  2. Thanks Jeanette. I appreciate your kind words.

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