Marathon Birding

Steps taken: 11,285
Birds seen by team Utah: 167
By team Mexico: 162
Ratio of miles driven to birds seen: 1.8 to 1
Repetition of the phrase team leader: 112
Number of stops along the way: 56
Total elapsed time of trip in hours: 18
Number of birders: 12
Percentage of time a named bird was old news: 15
Ratio of Flycatchers called Willow to others: 1:6
Number of Bobolinks named Mike: 3
Number of vans: 2
Number of times van 2 avoided running into rear end of van 1: 7
Number of peacocks mistaken for wild turkeys: 2
Number of wild turkeys in the United State 2,500,000, number seen: 0
Lazuli Buntings seen: 0 Heard: 3
Number of times Bonaparte’s was not followed by Oui Oui: 0
Days until we get to do it again: 365

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