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The Crowd

The crowd in the square is large.  Some of them are walking.  They are walking in 360 different directions.  Some are following a hypotenuse hoping to save time. Others stay in one place, though even those turn.  Those alone seem … Continue reading

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The European starling is a bully. There are only a few birds that will stand their ground when the starlings come round. A house finch or a chickadee will skedaddle at first sight. A robin will hold it’s ground for … Continue reading

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Lost Keys

A pencil fell out of my trousers as I put them on this morning. I picked it up and put it back in my pocket. It was then I noticed that my car keys were missing. I checked the floor, … Continue reading

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We make the now mandatory stop at Glover Pond, and reluctantly accept that the Little Blue Heron, who has been missing for three days now, is probably gone. We drive east on Glover to the frontage road and then south … Continue reading

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