We make the now mandatory stop at Glover Pond, and reluctantly accept that the Little Blue Heron, who has been missing for three days now, is probably gone. We drive east on Glover to the frontage road and then south where we see two Swainson’s Hawks circling. There are also two rainbows, a double, and below Shyloh. He’s frolicking, lost in the moment, his Canon firing, trying to capture a double-double, the hawks and the rainbows.

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2 Responses to Double-Double

  1. betty jo says:

    Did you succeed in capturing your double double? Nice anecdote. Here’s one in return..

    Strawberry and Chicken

    I have two big terra-cotta strawberry pots on the front deck. You know the ones,
    they have a bunch of cunning little pockets around the sides for the plants to peek through.

    Through most of the summer they’ve delivered a small supply of very tasty berries. I watch them diligently, for critters like berries too, and some do not fear a sojourn onto the deck when no one is there. Critters frequently beat me to the berries with their ‘good enough’ quality standards while I’m awaiting that ‘perfect ripeness’ moment.

    Yesterday I was ready to pull two GREAT looking strawberries, only to find them gone.

    I growl, “Damn cheeky ground squirrels. Gotta get the traps out.”

    Husband comes in and notes that he knows who is eating my strawberries. He says,
    “ I caught that scruffy looking old chicken on the deck pecking around the plants.”

    I say, “Old Sadie is coming all the way over here to find nice berries to eat? Awww. She’s such a clever chicken!”

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