Lost Keys

A pencil fell out of my trousers as I put them on this morning. I picked it up and put it back in my pocket. It was then I noticed that my car keys were missing. I checked the floor, the most-likely place, I surmised. They weren’t there. I asked my wife, if she’d seen them. She said the last time she saw them they were on the dashboard of the car. I checked, and sure enough there they were along with a crisp $10.00 bill. A thief would have been thrilled, a car with the keys in plain sight and money for gas.

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1 Response to Lost Keys

  1. bettyjo says:

    dumb forgetfulness. dont’cha just hate it. i’ve searched the ranch world entire for the spare pond filter. i know i had it last, but am totally clueless about where i must have set it.

    Oh, on a different subject you remember the Catch ’em Clean ’em rule.

    I am an early riser. This is a good thing for a farmer as dawn rises cool in the mountains.
    making outdoor activities particularly pleasant.

    Despite knowing that there is, statistically speaking, a wide variance between otherwise equally estimable humans with regard to circadian rhythms, I nonetheless have always taken some unspoken sense of extra righteousness with respect to my ‘morning person’ propensity. You know what they say,,, “The Early bird gets the worm”. “Early to bed, Early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.”

    The problem arises, when this trait confronts our Historic family rule. Since the “You catch ‘em you clean ‘em” rule was long ago amended to include : “ALSO, you find a cat oogie, you clean it up.” “You find an ant attack, you clean it up.”

    Those weeks of 100+ degree days in late July drove ants into the house again. Not every night, but often enough. They’re not the big biting ones, nor do they form a transport line, as it appears they are not after food, but rather more likely, are after water. They just scatter themselves all over the kitchen counter. Arghh.

    Arghh. I hate it when I catch the ant attack and have to clean it up. What do they say? Virtue is it’s own reward? Yea right. S’pose it could be worse, I could be like that poor Early Bird and find a morning kitchen full of worms.

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