No Free Lunch

We stopped at Jimmy Johns for Lunch the other day. My wife needed to use the restroom so I said I’d get our order. I got in line forgetting that she was in the restroom and not standing behind me. I ordered two number fours, turkey with sprouts easy on the mayo, when I heard the women behind me start to give her order. Forgetting my wife wasn’t the woman behind me. I said, “I’ve got it.” The woman said, “thanks that’s nice of you.” I explained that I thought my wife was behind me. “Oh,” she said, “does that mean I have to pay for my lunch.” “I’m not sure,” I said. “Are you voting for, the Republican, Mia Love?”
“I am,” she said.
“Well then,” I replied, “there are no free lunches.”

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3 Responses to No Free Lunch

  1. Tim says:

    haha, that’s great Norm!

  2. I’m laughing out loud here Norm!

  3. bettyjo says:

    Oh yea. That’s perfect.

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