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The Slingshot

The Blue Jay, a rare visitor to Salt Lake, has been seen at her feeders. The feeders are in her backyard. The gate is closed. We watch for the bird from the front yard without success. “I’ll ask,” I say, … Continue reading

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She’s going through the closet. It’s Tuesday morning, the day she checks in for a pep talk and to take her turn standing on a scale. She says she’s looking for her skinny pants. It doesn’t mean what you think. … Continue reading

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Black Friday

We seldom choose our last words to a loved one. They slip away when we’re not paying attention, like the setting sun. They’re part of our life, we feel the warmth of their touch, and then they’re gone. When Mom … Continue reading

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Bird Doctor

Birder:[1] an observer or identifier of wild birds in their natual surroundings. The UPS guy just delievered a package. I saw him coming and opened the door. He was smiling as he handed me the package. He tilted his head … Continue reading

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