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I’m reading: at the beginning of each story, below the country of origin and above the title is a line with a squiggle through it. It looks like this: The squiggle is darker than the line and the left half … Continue reading

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Reflections on Earth Day

When a friend asks, “What’s wrong with the world?” You reply, “I am.”1 There was a Trader Joe’s orange juice carton on the corner of Boysenberry and Forbush. I walked past it for weeks wondering why nobody picked it up. … Continue reading

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Price Check

I hate price checks they usually happen when you’re in a hurry. I don’t know which is worse being the cause of the price check or in line behind one. They are something to avoid, but there ’s no reliable … Continue reading

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I’m Not Dead Yet

It’s good news. I’ll never die. My cousin Jerry didn’t put it quite that way, but that’s the jist of what he said. I learned this at lunch a couple of Fridays ago. Once a month we, the cousins, get … Continue reading

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Bad Puns

You’re never safe from a bad pun. We were on our morning walk when we passed the Price’s house. The Prices live next door to Ozzie and Sasha, the Poodles. “You remember the Prices, don’t you?” she said. “Noah, their … Continue reading

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