Bad Puns

You’re never safe from a bad pun. We were on our morning walk when we passed the Price’s house. The Prices live next door to Ozzie and Sasha, the Poodles.
“You remember the Prices, don’t you?” she said.
“Noah, their son was Tim’s age.”
“He still is,” I said.
“Is what?” she said.
“Still Tim’s age,” I said.
She snorted; I wasn’t sure how to take it. Was she saying, really do I have to listen to this crap or did she find it funny? I continued.
“I wonder,” I said.
She looked at me then looked away.
“I wonder when Tim and Noah were classmates, and the teacher asked Noah a question and Noah answered correctly. Did the teacher acknowledge him, did she say “The Price is Right.”
“Bad,” she said, “bad pun.”

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