Price Check

I hate price checks they usually happen when you’re in a hurry. I don’t know which is worse being the cause of the price check or in line behind one. They are something to avoid, but there ’s no reliable way to know until the scanner doesn’t scan, and then it’s too late.
I only have a few items. The Dream Cicle bars scans, but then the first of the frozen fruit for smoothies fails. He sets it aside. The same thing happens with the second and third packages. He scans a TV dinner and the reassuring beep sounds. There is one smoothie pack left.
“I’m not even going to scan it,” he says
“You should,” I say
“That one is going to scan,” I say
He looks to see if I’m serious,
I repeat “you really ought to scan it.”
He isn’t buying it, but he picks up the package and waves it at the scanner. We all hear the successful beep. I’m as surprised as anyone, but I keep my straight face and my knowing smile intact.
He can’t believe it
He looks at the others in line they’re gobsmacked
I saved you a price check,” I say
The checker shakes his head. The others in line laugh. I turn and leave.

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