I’m reading: at the beginning of each story, below the country of origin and above the title is a line with a squiggle through it. It looks like this:


The squiggle is darker than the line and the left half of the squiggle is thinner and lighter than the right half, though my lack of drawing talent may give you a different impression.

I don’t like the squiggle. It looks like a piece of hair on the screen of my Kindle®. I sometimes try to brush it away and then blush when I realize my mistake. You won’t see me blush because I’m reading alone.

The stories are short, done in a flash, so there are lines and squiggles every few pages. It’s more annoying than you might imagine.I’m taking a break. I’m listening to Schubert’s Fantasia in C minor, it helps.

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1 Response to Squiggles

  1. Ole Phat Stu says:

    I’ve gone over to using the “pause” sign from music scores, because of its known semantics 🙂

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