The Recall

I got a postcard the other day informing me of a recall on my car, the Elantra, and promptly forgot about it. I meant to call. I meant to appoint a time for fixing whatever needed fixing.

The recall notice said the steering might go from power to no power, from the 2015 technology to pre1950s technology, in the blink of an eye. I believe it; my life from then till now also passed in the blink of an eye.

Later a call from the service department again reminded me of the needed recall. I made an appointment and took my car, its power steering still working and waited the hour it took to make the “repair.”

Today I received another call from the service department asking me about my experience. The repair, they asked, was it satisfactory?

I didn’t know how to respond. My car’s power steering both before and after the “repair” worked.

“It’s too soon to tell,” I said.


As far as I know it’s fine. There was nothing left to say, so I hung up.

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3 Responses to The Recall

  1. bettyjo says:

    That happened to me – Power steering suddenly went out to lunch. It was right after I’d purchased my Porsche (second hand), and just at the start of one of those complicated tight clover leaves off the freeway.
    It was a Porsche, so I was takin’ the exit at perhaps a wee bit more speed than one might consider prudent in any other type of vehicle. After all, the Porsche was normally great at grabbing the road, for she had claws on her tires to match that great growl from the engine…. Oh my. Worked out my arms you can be sure, trying to keep it on the curve. Pretty exciting. Good thing I was coming off the freeway instead of onto it.

    Glad you got the defect fixed….

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