Usually and Always

I got a text from my son, saying that his wife made it safely to her parents.
“She didn’t text me,” my wife said.
“She knows you don’t read your texts.”
“I read my texts.”
“Usually you don’t.”
“You always accuse me of things that are not true.”
“I said usually, not always. If I’d meant always, I would have said always.”
“You usually say always.”

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2 Responses to Usually and Always

  1. bettyjochang says:

    I called youngest daughter (who was hosting Thanksgiving). I say, “I answered Rei’s email about when dinner was scheduled”. She haruumphs, and says “guess she never read her emails either. Just like your oldest daughter.”

    Rising to the defense of my oldest granddaughter, I say, “well, yea, it’s true about my oldest daughter, tho she does answer emails more often than YOUR oldest daughter, and Rei (oldest daughter’s oldest daughter), answers them more often than either of the others.”

    Youngest granddaughter has accepted with equanimity being called “Jen1” by her grandfather. As has Jen (youngest daughter) accepted being called “Jen2” They both figure that since he “NEVER” remembers to call them by their right name, they might just as well respond to the name he does remember how to call them.

    BTW, thanks for your Goodreads recommendation of Party Train. I am quite enjoying reading it. I’d never heard of prose poetry, tho now I know there is a name for it, I know that’s why one of my fav all time reads was Flannagan’s Year of the French, For the whole book is what I now know is prose poetry. Flannagan ALWAYS writes poetic prose.

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