A young man more than six feet tall lopes by, his strides amazingly long. He covers the distance in front of our house in just a few steps. I could never match a stride like that. He’s chasing the sunset and seems to be making progress. Already, he’s in front of our neighbor’s house.
Perched atop the couch, Yoda, the neighbor’s pug, looks bored. He’s looking for adventure, so when the neighbor opens their door to let her mother in, Yoda darts off the couch to her side. Then, the dog sees the man whizzing past and bolts.
Yoda is on the move, like a little freight train, already at top speed. The man with his long stride seems out of reach, but soon, with a many-paw-thud-to-one-step charge, the dog is at his side and keeping pace.
The man stops. The dog stops. The neighbor comes out of her house. The dog stops, turns, and faces her, and the man stops and looks around too. Thinking she now has control of the pug, the man moves ahead. He takes two long strides, and again, the dog is at his side, barking. The runner stops once more and turns toward the woman. She calls again, but the dog sits beside the man and watches.
The man walks toward my neighbor, the dog in the lead, thinking, perhaps, an introduction is in order. Then, the dog sees me. I’m no longer an observer in my yard but part of the action. Yoda leaves the man, blasts past the neighbor, and starts barking at me.
He doesn’t bark long but, instead, passes me and continues running toward a nearby rose bush, under which he conducts an exhaustive investigation. The neighbor follows after him, apologizing. Yoda ignores her until she leans over and says, “Do you want a carrot?”
The dog looks up, then leads her home, checking often to make sure she’s following.
“Your dog likes carrots?” I ask as she passes.
“Loves ‘em,” she says.

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2 Responses to Carrots

  1. bettyjochang says:

    Re: Loves those Carrots.

    Our kid’s dog goes ape over broccoli! When we were slaughtering cattle every year, I started saving knuckle bones for their dog. But she said, “yuck! the meat on this bone is raw! “ Once I realized that the kids were pan frying those meaty knucklebones for their dog, I started giving em to a neighbor instead Their dog said, “Raw! Meat! Oh yeah!” I dunno. Must be a sign of the times – even the dogs are turning Vegan.

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