The Guardian

I once wrote a story about a lost dog. I asked a friend to read it. He said he liked it but suggested that the protagonist wasn’t the dog’s owner, but rather the dog’s guardian. I understand, PETA, Peter Singer, animals have rights. But the term guardian is fraught with problems. Say, for instance, a fellow’s dog is stolen. He calls the police to report the loss and says, “My dog was stolen.” But it isn’t his dog. He’s only the guardian. Does he say “A dog was taken, and I’m its guardian”? And do the police tell him he’s a lousy guardian and don’t see the problem since the dog now has a new guardian, the “thief”? Or the dog is hit by a car. The driver stops. “I’m so sorry,” he says “I’ve killed your dog.” What does he think when you correct him and say the dog isn’t yours, and before you can explain you are the dog’s guardian he asks if you know who the owner is. I ask my dog if he prefers the term owner or guardian. He rolls onto his back for a good belly rub.

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  1. bettyjochang says:

    Speaking of thieves, a crow has found the little birdbath in my back yard. She brings lunch snacks stolen from picnic tables at the nearby elementary school to wash in the birdbath. One day it’s pieces of peanut butter sandwiches. Dumped in the water, then pulled apart and carefully laid out on the lip of the bath. Another day it’s sushi. The bottom of the bath littered with rice and pieces of salmon. Last week some kid had edemame for lunch. Crow filled the birdbath with soaked pods, all beans extracted. She knows I’m watching, but also knows I won’t get off the treadmill to chase her so she litters the water with inpunity. Once she finishes messing around, she takes a few drinks then saunters off. I suppose it could be worse. There’s just one of her. Still, it’s a hassle disconnecting the little solar panel, to tip over the bath and wash it every day. Don’t want the impellers on the little pump clogged with crumbs or sushi rice. Don’t know how to deter her. I hear that crows are as smart as people. Smarter perhaps. You’re a bird person. Any ideas?

  2. You’re right crows are incredibly intelligent recent studies indicate they may be more intelligent than apes. Perhaps you could leave a note. Your other choice is simply to admit you’ve met your match.

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