Thrill Me: Essay’s on Fiction by Benjamin Percy

I’m undisciplined and lazy, and so long ago I decided I should learn to write by osmosis. I would read—voraciously as is my custom—books on craft, novels, short stories, essays, poetry and the secrets would fill the cracks and crevices of my mind and voila I would be a pro.

Since that day I’ve followed that course and discovered dozens of excellent books and have even absorbed some of the wisdom in them, but reading alone doesn’t do it. One needs to practice the craft, one needs feedback from others, and one needs to persist.

But being undisciplined is like believing you’ll win the lottery and is not often a route to success. I’m currently reading Benjamin Percy’s Thrill Me: Essays on Fiction I’m sure it’s the magic bullet I’ve been looking for, and if not it’s provided insights I haven’t consciously recognized before. I recommend it.

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