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The Slingshot

The Blue Jay, a rare visitor to Salt Lake, has been seen at her feeders. The feeders are in her backyard. The gate is closed. We watch for the bird from the front yard without success. “I’ll ask,” I say, … Continue reading

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My Name’s Nelson

Ammodramus nelsoni, common name Nelson’s Sparrow, is a secretive little cuss who spends his summers in Canada and migrates south and east spending his winters on the east and gulf coast in the fall. This account is of one Nelson’s … Continue reading

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We make the now mandatory stop at Glover Pond, and reluctantly accept that the Little Blue Heron, who has been missing for three days now, is probably gone. We drive east on Glover to the frontage road and then south … Continue reading

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A Happy Accident

The Discovery At exactly 2:19 p.m. on a Saturday afternoon, while helping Inspector Maigret solve a mystery; I glanced up from my reading and watched as two birds flew in for a drink of water. Their arrival prompted me to … Continue reading

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Marathon Birding

Steps taken: 11,285Birds seen by team Utah: 167By team Mexico: 162Ratio of miles driven to birds seen: 1.8 to 1 Repetition of the phrase team leader: 112Number of stops along the way: 56Total elapsed time of trip in hours: 18Number … Continue reading

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A rare warbler sits on a branch noticed by no one. Nearby, wallowing in the dirt, is a bison. The arriving birders, chatting, but not yet listening, may miss this particular warbler for he is far from home and unexpected. … Continue reading

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“Is that a Ruby-crowned Kinglet,” she said. “Is it still there,” he said, not looking up. Yes. No.

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The Scrub Jay

I was sitting on the deck reading a collection of short stories by Robin Black. I was also tossing a peanut or two on the deck nearby for my friends the Scrub Jays. I had just finished with the peanuts … Continue reading

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